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And now for something completely different...


During the present Coronavirus crisis - with many people being confined to their homes for much of the time - and those in the 'higher risk' groups being strongly advised not to venture outside for twelve weeks - some of you may be running out of different things to do.


As my Slide Show in May [2020] covering my tours to Tanzania and New Zealand during 2019 has of course now had to be postponed (new provisional date 23rd October 2020), I have taken the liberty of putting up on 'YouTube' the compiled video footage that I shot on these tours. Information and links are as follows:

The Tanzania videos are around 15 minutes each, New Zealand half an hour, and Sydney 12 minutes; the latter is probably not too interesting, though, as mostly just around the harbour and shot on a couple of boat trips.

         https://youtu.be/dJ0dtyq7uZk        Tanzania January 2019; Serengeti National Park. Look out ESPECIALLY for the sequence starting at 11m 58secs!

         https://youtu.be/vJzkhgaH76c        Tanzania January 2019; three National Parks and sundry footage.

         https://youtu.be/MpfWWZ4NZiU     New Zealand November 2019 North and South Island.

         https://youtu.be/zNYjfguZOUI         Sydney, Australia a week spent with friends just outside the city on the way home from New Zealand.

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