Greater Norwich Local Plan : Consultation

Greater Norwich Local Plan Consultation:
Copy of Hainford Parish Council's letter to the GNLP Team at County Hall.


Greater Norwich Local Plan Team
County Hall
Martineau Lane


Dear Sirs,

Hainford Parish Council have examined the draft plan in detail and this is their considered response.

GNLP consultation-draft proposals document Feb 2020


Q13 Do you agree with the proposed settlement hierarchy?

No. The Parish Council does not support the Village cluster proposal.

Whilst there may be some justification for clusters in ‘remote’ rural areas,

most villages are able to continue to access services as they currently do.

Becoming part of a cluster will result in inevitable exposure to wider and unnecessary development and the ultimate loss of existing settlement  boundaries and village identity.

Q14 Do we support the approach to housing numbers?

No.  The Parish Council is of the view that the 9 /10% extra allocations as well as additional windfall sites is excessive given that there are sufficient sites allocated to meet predicted demand.


Q45. Do you support or wish to comment on the overall approach for the village clusters? Please identify particular issues.

No. We do not support the proposed policy for village clusters.

Most villages are able to continue to access services as they do already without the need to cluster. The policy is intended to enable wider development which will result in the ultimate loss of existing settlement boundaries and the risk of unnecessary development. We are aware that the redefinition of settlement boundaries is to be considered at a later stage in the plan.

Q46. Do you support or wish to comment on the approach for specific village clusters?

We strongly object to the proposed cluster of Hainford with Stratton Strawless or any other village and firmly believe that Hainford should retain its stand alone village status as are other nearby villages. The residents of Hainford value their rural aspect and independence and the reasons for linking Stratton Strawless to Hainford are weak.

a)    The majority of family size accommodation  in Stratton Strawless is situated  west of the A140 where there are other nearby schools which are closer and more accessible  than Hainford without the requirement to cross the busy A140 at peak times, Hevingham school is 0.4 miles, Marsham Primary School 1.4 miles and Horsford (with supermarket, Doctors surgery, Post Office, social club, leisure facilities, take away food outlet, library, excellent public transport links etc.) is also closer.

b)    The largest concentration of homes  on the eastern side of the A140 are on the mobile home park which we understand is for residents over the age of 55. For the residents who may live on the eastern side of the A140 and require primary school facilities there is  also nearby Buxton school.

In addition to the above we object to the proposal that there is the potential for the development of 50/60 dwellings because there is insufficient capacity to sustain that level of development due to lack of facilities and infrastructure to support this.

The Officers have already stated that there is no capacity for Hainford school to expand and all 9 proposed sites for Hainford were discounted by planners mainly due to  there being no safe pedestrian access to the school ( a crucial underlying criteria for development in the policy) and no feasible way to address this. There were Highways concerns, widespread flooding issues, and visual impact and break out into the country side. Added to which the public transport service is very limited with the last daily service from the city at 18.15 .We understand that the  Policy requirements are to avoid development where there is a reliance on the private motor vehicle.

Therefore Hainford Parish council objects to the proposal to become  part of a cluster and to the ultimate redefinition of our settlement boundary in order to facilitate wider development and to the proposal that there is the capacity to support a further 50/60 dwellings.

Yours sincerely, 

Jim Graves

Jim Graves – Clerk to the Council

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